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TTBC Selected Among Top Breweries in US; Best in Alabama assembled a team of experts to look at over 6,000 breweries in the U.S. and decide which are the best breweries in each state. In their words…”We've assembled a crack team of experts to lay on the superlatives. How are we defining "best brewery" here? Obviously, making fantastic beer is a must. Does size matter? To a degree; if two breweries we like are pretty close in quality and one of them is providing beer to many more people, that could tip the scale in its favor, but we might also go with the smaller place that's inspiring fans to drive hours for its beers. Regardless, we feel that the 50 breweries below represent the best in show in every state.” They divided their panel into geographic regions and it was the craft beer master-mind behind the blog “Cruisin’ for a Brewsin”, Ale Sharpton, that was tasked with finding the best in the ultra-competitive Southern region. We’re so grateful he took the time to find us!

“No doubt about it, Alabama is becoming a state to be reckoned with, and Birmingham is the main catalyst. While Good People backs what they say with ales like the iconic El Gordo imperial milk stout we featured in our recent The 32 Must-Have Stouts Right Now list, Trim Tab wins by a glass with the killer year producing respected IPAs and European-inspired ales. From expanding across state lines to tripling their capacity, fully utilizing a new canning line, and becoming the first in Alabama to produce and can a hard sparkling water they call RECwater (Recreational Effervescent Craft water) coming in three fruit-infused flavors. And if you happen to hit up their industrial-meets-chic home base, Double T showcases a slick art gallery-tasting room hybrid, and an exclusive “Cellar Patron” program. (And a shout out to Straight To Ale in Huntsville. I see you.) -- AS

Mr. Sharpton, we can’t thank you enough for the love and support. We are absolutely honored to be a part of your article and will definitely do our best to continue representing the South with quality, innovative brews. Cheers! - Brad Reed / TrimTab Brewing Co. Marketing Director

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