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The Secret Sauce is What Makes Us Unique

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

I often get asked by beer fans how we are able to come up with the endless supply of new beer ideas. The simple answer is we like to challenge ourselves, but the long answer really has its roots starting back two years ago and has a bit more components. At that time we felt the seasonal beer release model was not fitting us. We were releasing the same beers year after year. The beers were all delicious, but things began to feel stagnant. Which brings me to the first component of our secret sauce, listen to the loyal consumer. After reflecting on what our patrons were wanting we opted to throw down the gauntlet. The Gallery Series was born and we set ourselves on a course to release 2 new canned beers each month. Making a pledge to create 24 new eye catching beers is one thing, but how the hell do you come up with 24 new beer recipes. This brings me to the next component, stay humble. I have met many folks in the brewing industry and the common thread that I see in bad beer is the person in charge believes they know everything and often refuse to acknowledge that their beer can be improved or allow other members to bring ideas to the table. Being humble accomplishes two things: first, once you realize you can learn something from anyone, your beer quality is going to improve. Second, it keeps your portfolio fresh. Be open to hearing new ideas for beers. This leads me to my next component, create an environment of creative freedom. It's important that anyone can bring new ideas to the table and they are equipped with the tools necessary to create them. Finally the last component of the sauce, create a culture of collaboration. Brewing beer on this scale is NOT one person creating a recipe, brewing the beer, cellaring, and packaging their beer. It is a team effort. It takes many people to allow that process to happen.

- Luke Garner / Brewmaster

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