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TTBC Launches First Southern Hard Seltzer

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

On November 18, 2018 TrimTab Brewing Co. launched RECwater Hard Seltzer at the 8th Annual Magic City Half Marathon and 5k. Thousands of runners gathered in and around Regions Field to benefit the Advancement of Children in the Music Arts. We were honored to not only be a sponsor and vendor for the event, but to also get a chance to dance and chat with so many amazing Birmingham residents and introduce them to our newest product line, RECwater!

We first brainstormed the idea of a hard seltzer in early 2018. At the time we were a little concerned that many craft brew fans would frown at the idea of us making a hard seltzer. However, we pride ourselves on being innovative, providing high-quality products our customers want and creating a world WE love. So in the end we decided we want to bring something new, healthier and different to Alabama and be pioneers in an up and coming industry of alcoholic sparkling water.

RECwater is Recreational, Effervescent, Craft Water. It is all-natural and gluten-free, contains only 2g sugar, 2g carbs, 100 calories and comes with a 5% abv. Available in 3 refreshing flavors (Watermelon, Cucumber and Lime; Pomegranate and Lemon; and Kiwi, Mango), this hard seltzer is an alternative for those that want to have fun in a healthier and less-filling way. Recreation is defined as “refreshment of strength and spirits after work” and RECwater is crafted to celebrate pure recreation. Whether you need some fun refreshment after a workout or something to enjoy poolside that won’t fill you up with extra carbs and calories, we bring you RECwater - Refreshment of Strength and Spirit. Enjoy! Learn more at

- Brad Reed / TrimTab Brewing Co. Marketing Director

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