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Light Visions presents:

satin steel.

Double IPA

Get some PINT NIGHT FEVER with Satin Steel DIPA! This LVC is now available in surround sound! Excite your senses with the first beer of its kind. 


Satin Steel is smooth on flavor and heavy on the hops.  This juicy DIPA is booming with fresh Enigma and Mosaic Hops. Enigma hops boast notes of red fruits like raspberries and red currants with subtle white wine notes. Mosaic Hops are noted for their “blueberry” or “berry medley” aromas and flavors of citrus, mango, stone fruit, bubblegum, pine, and spice.  Make it a pint to remember!

Brewed with Mosaic and Enigma Hops.

Available in 4-pack pints.


% abv





Satin Steel DIPA

" Terrific nose with pineapple and mango notes. Rich and juicy flavor."
- Drew M. (

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