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RECwater Spiked Southern Seltzer.


RECwater is Recreational, Effervescent, Craft Water. It is all-natural and gluten-free, contains only 2g sugar, 2g carbs, 100 calories and comes with a 5% abv. Available in 3 refreshing flavors (Watermelon, Cucumber and Lime; Pomegranate and Lemon; and Kiwi, Mango), this hard seltzer is an alternative for those that want to have fun in a healthier and less-filling way. Recreation is defined as “refreshment of strength and spirits after work” and RECwater is crafted to celebrate pure recreation. Whether you need some fun refreshment after a workout or something to enjoy poolside that won’t fill you up with extra carbs and calories, we bring you RECwater - Refreshment of Strength and Spirit.


5% abv  |  100 cals  |  2g sugar

2g carbs  |  gluten-free

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