The Man behind the small batches (and more). An interview with Dustin Battle

Creating a world WE love! The man behind the small batches (and much more).

From the small batches we receive so much amazing feedback about to the wide array of beers we put out monthly, Dustin Battle is the man helping Birmingham gain national and world-wide recognition for fantastic, innovative beer.

Dustin is a creative force that joined us from the cocktail industry. He was already known amongst the Trimtab family of friends as being a kickass mixologist. Additionally, he had some experience brewing beer and was really into craft beer. The day he interviewed for packing on the can line, he was straight up told he was overqualified for the position, but if he wanted it there would be more opportunity in the near future. Lucky us, he took the job!!! After a year or so of working on the line, Battle began producing pilot beers. His talent was apparent. It wasn't long after that he moved off the canline and began helping the brewhouse and eventually putting his creative powers to work with small batches for the tap room.

Now Battle is fully in charge of the crowler and small draft releases. Additionally, he plays a major role in big batch recipe development and our creative planning. With his mixology background, immaculate palette and passion for innovation and thinking outside of the box, he has the ability to envision flavors and how to achieve them with brewing ingredients. He is truly helping create a world we love and putting Birmingham beer on the map.

Want to know a little more about this beer muse?! Here's a short q and a.

What's your inspiration? Different brewers, bartenders, chefs, art and music. It’s extremely rewarding to create something that pushes boundaries and can show people that something they thought couldn’t work, works. How'd you get into brewing? I was 20 and a couple of my friends I hung out with were older and were home brew nerds, drinking beer that wasn’t domestic. The idea of making and drinking something unique and full of different flavors vs. American adjunct lagers(which I still like) was super intriguing. I guess I really just fell into it. Favorite style to brew? At the end of the day, I would say I lean more to the hoppy side, but I go through phases. Favorite beer you've ever brewed? 205 Pale Ale ;) Favorite music? A lot of Hardcore & post hardcore, Metal, shoe gaze and of course Radiohead. Favorite movie? Hard to really compare, but Caddyshack and The Shining are a tie for me. Favorite food? I live off Burritos and Shu Shop Ramen. What makes a great beer to you? Balance is key. Sure, let’s get weird because I’m into it, but balance that weird and round all the elements out to play nice with each other. What would you like to see more of in the brew industry? Hard to say. I think craft beer is collectively about as strong as it’s ever been. The amount of kindness, love and great beer you see and get from people in this industry is phenomenal. I guess if I had to say anything, I would say continuing innovation to push boundaries, but still being able to keep originality alive.

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