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Thanks for 6 amazing years!

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

The weeks leading up to the anniversary of TrimTab have always been a special time for us. Especially this year. It has been a time of reflection. It’s been a time for gratitude. It’s always been a huge celebration of the life of our brewery - usually filled with exclusive bottle and draft releases, seminars, delicious food, multiple days of great music, and most of all - you, the people that have supported so much through the years. It’s always been a time where we all come together as a community, which is the most important thing to us at TrimTab. 

This is a very different brand of anniversary. These are very different times in general for us all. These are challenging times for us all. Instead of throwing our biggest party ever (which we had big plans for) we will instead all be apart, taking shelter from the storm that is COVID-19. As we should be. 

That doesn’t mean this anniversary is any less special to us. This last year was the most pivotal year in our history. We put out more beers than ever before - over 80 unique brands. We got our beers to more retailers and craft beer-lovers than ever before. We were voted best in our city for the second year in a row because of you. We were humbled by a number of writers/influencers that deemed our beers among the best in our city, state, region, and even nation. And at home in the Tasting Gallery we saw our tribe of people grow to the point where we’re now planning major expansions. There are bright days ahead for us, for you, for us all. 

Instead this year our anniversary is dedicated to the vitality, vibrancy, and resilience of our shared humanity. And we each celebrate that in our own way - but no matter where you are, we are with you. 

The fact that we are not together this year does not make you, those that have supported us, any less present with us. Couldn’t be more opposite. If anything we hear the echoes of laughter, love, and possibility ringing in these walls through memories and memories that are yet to be. Though they may be unusual circumstances, we all feel so connected with you during this time. So grateful for you all during this time. And if anything I feel that this is the time when what TrimTab stands for means more than ever. 

The small things you can affect in your life are responsible for the big changes you want to see. That is the essence of TrimTab Brewing Co. You are a trimtab. Our community is a trimtab. Our combined humanity is a trimtab in that we each in our own way can create a better, brighter future in the things we can affect. That’s why we say “Create A World You Love” so much. Because we believe we each are the architects of the future. And sometimes those plans involve staying home. 

Take some time today to hug those you are quarantined with. Call old friends. Dance in your underwear. Sing aloud to guilty pleasure songs. And know that you aren’t alone. This is temporary, and we will all get through this together because of the community that we have built together. If for even a second a memory of TrimTab brings a smile to your face today then that is the best anniversary party that we could ask for.

I want to thank each of you that has supported us in the last year. Your friendship, your patronage, your passion for our beer is the only reason why we are in existence today, and has united us into more than a company - we are a family. Each and every one of you that has bought one of our beers is a part of this company, a part of this family. 

I want to thank each one of our work family. You are the heart of TrimTab. You are the most inspired and inspiring people I have ever known. And it is because of you that we constantly drive our vision forward. I’m so proud of you. You are all trimtabs. 

Everyone stay safe, stay happy, and cultivate the positive energy that this world will need when we emerge from this together. We will be there to celebrate with you. 

Thank you for six amazing years! 

Harris Stewart


TrimTab Brewing Co. 

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