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Cellar Reserve presents:

breakfast hero.

Imperial Doughnut Stout

As the inaugural edition of our Cellar Reserve program, Breakfast Hero brings a pastry stout to the breakfast table. We packed the grain bill with multiple base malts, chocolate malt, plenty of oats, and fresh Glazed Doughnuts. We then maxed our fermentor out with an extremely generous amount of Vermont Maple syrup, a pound of Madagascar vanilla beans, and freshly roasted Brazilian coffee beans from our local pals at SEEDS coffee to tie this imperial stout together in perfect breakfast harmony. 


When you bring this to the table. You are the Breakfast Hero. Available in 4-pack pints.  


% abv





Breakfast Hero Imperial Stout

"Who doesn’t love a big breakfast! Thicc beer, syrupy and delicious."
- Lily M. (

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