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TrimTab Brewing provides a great location for events of all sizes and we'd love to have you! If you'd like to learn about how TrimTab can be a part of your event please fill out the form below and we will get back to you ASAP!



For non-private gatherings, we offer:

 • Table reservations on the front patio

 • Front patio deck reservations

For more private and larger events, we offer:

 • Back courtyard rentals (capacity 50)

 • The Fuller Room at Trimtab *COMING FALL 2020 (capacity 200)

*COVID 19 restrictions limit us to 50% capacity - until further notice we will only host events of 100 guests maximum in the Fuller Room.

Table Reservations:

 • This is just a reservation fee to make sure your table is ready upon arrival. Once you are seated at your table you may stay as long as you want! Forget the hassle of getting here early to find a spot. 

Patio Deck Reservations:

 • Our new front patio has two raised decks that are available to reserve. These will be blocked off and available upon your arrival. This is an hourly rate. Once your designated time is up we will no longer have it reserved for just your group.