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205 Southern Pale Ale

forged in 
the magic city.


Southern Pale Ale

205 was created as a love letter to Birmingham for voting us Best Brewery. With a simple, dialed-in grain bill and the accompaniment of a generous dry hop of 100% fresh Citra hops, 205 is everything we wanted and more in a pale ale.


This beer explodes with aromas and flavors of juicy white peaches, ripe pineapple puree, fresh key lime peel zest and the slightest touch of grapefruit pith, all rounding out with a lite and crisp, low resin bitterness. It's why the term "crushable" exists.

5.5% abv  |  40 ibu  |  3 srm

Featured in Southern Living's

"50 Reasons We Love Summer in the South". 

205 Pale Ale
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